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Above the Clouds



 That fourth I know, if foemen have

fettered me hand and foot:

I chant a charm the chains to break,

so the fetters fly off my feet,

and off my hands the halter.

Havamal 149

Hollander's Translation


Many years ago a noble lady, along with her husband, began an organization that would go on to become the Odinist Fellowship. The Odinist Fellowship was a pioneer. It was the first of its kind, an organization devoted to the holy Gods of the Northern European folk. An organization devoted to the pre-christian ancestral folkways of the native European folk. This was in the late 60's when everyone else was into free love and smoking pot. I suppose Else Christensen, the founder of the Fellowship, was never really one to adhere to the status quo.

The Odinist Fellowship eventually became a very strong supporter of Odinist prisoners and ran a prison outreach for years that educated and aided the men and women behind bars who adhered to the Odinist faith. We at Prairie Asatru seek to follow in her footsteps. We know we can never live up to the example she left for us, but we do seek to aid the folk behind bars and hopefully make her proud of the legacy she left behind and the work we are doing.

Hail the Folkmother!


Prairie Asatru realizes several facts about incarcerated individuals:

   1.) Many, if not most, will one day be released back into the free world.

   2.) Our spiritual path and its teachings can give those men and women inside a positive framework with which to rebuild their lives.

  3.) Oftentimes these prisoners have never had any kind of exposure to our ancestral ways or, even, to positive influences.



We realize these men and women have created their current situation through their own actions and must take responsibility for those actions.

To that end we offer many different types of materials to aid in their learning about our folkways:

*We publish a quarterly newsletter, "The Wolf's Howl" filled with informative articles about our lore, our culture, our history, and our spirituality.

*We privately publish numerous booklet versions of the Sagas about our ancestors that are available at a much more affordable price than the more professionally published materials

*As well as booklet versions of the sagas, we also publish booklets about our folkways and have reprinted booklets long out of print from the history of the reawakening of our ways.

*Reprints of both the Poetic and Prose Eddas that we have self-published to create a more affordable version of these texts for those with little or no funds.

*And we offer several book titles of pertinence to our way at the lowest possible price we can to insure inmates have access to these books.

For us the reality is that these men and women will one day return to the streets. They are men and women of our folk, for better or worse. Offering them at least a chance at a more positive life seems like the proper thing to do. Whether they ultimately turn their lives around and create a life as a Tru man or woman is wholly up to them, we provide the tools, they must do the work.

If you know of an inmate that you feel may benefit from our outreach please do not hesitate to get in touch and allow us to send them some introductory materials.

And if you feel our outreach is something you would like to support please feel free to donate whatever you are willing to aid our efforts over on our donation page.

Thank you.

Contact address:

Prairie Asatru

P.O. Box 894

Hettinger, ND


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