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Prairie Asatru firmly believes that as Asatruar we must put the Gods first in our daily lives. Our devotion to the Gods of our people is of supreme importance. We carry a spark of Their Divinity within each of us and as such we are connected to Them in an unbreakable bond. By honoring Them we honor ourselves and all of our ancestors who tread this path before us.


Asatru was born out of the native European folkways. We firmly believe that we are descended from our Gods. That connection allows us to be in tune with the folkways of our ancestors and our Gods in a way that someone of a different ancestry could not hope for. Each peoples of the world has their own unique set of folkways and we happily support them in their quests to find those ancestral ways. We have found ours and hope they can find theirs as well.


Prairie Asatru takes loyalty and the swearing of oaths very seriously. As a group we need to be able to trust one another and depend on one another. Our ancestors realized this early on; life in a clan or tribe was dependent on everyone working together and being able to trust one another. Today is little different in that regard. The swearing of an oath is something that carries an almost sacred quality to it.......the breaking of an oath in elder times caused the offender to be outlawed from the clan. Today we follow a similar principle.....

If your word is no good, then you yourself are no good and therefore you are no good to us!


As representatives of our Gods we believe each man and woman has a duty to become the best version of themselves they can be. Each man should strive to be physically fit in the event he ever needs to defend himself or his family or has to physically help his kin folk. Each woman should strive to be physically fit so as to lend her support to building the family and the folk. An often forgotten aspect of things is mental fitness. We strongly encourage our folk to learn the ways of their ancestors, learn the ways of the Gods, and learn the inherent holiness of the natural world. A strong, healthy mind within a strong, healthy body is an integral part of the path that is Asatru.


We believe in the goodness of life. We strive to focus on the good things that surround us. Mental sickness, depression, negativity, etc. are all to prevalent in today's world. We understand the underlying root of many of these things yet we strive to maintain a positive focus. To bemoan our lot in life or allow our mind to be consumed by negativity does a great disservice to our Gods and to all those who came before us. We today would do well to emulate their example and embrace the sacredness of life. We are surrounded by the holiness of Nature, by its positive, life reaffirming examples. Strive to live your life in such a way that happiness is always near at hand and negativity has no hold over you.


We believe firmly in each person being able to support themselves. Each man and woman need to always be able to pull their own weight and not expect others to pull that weight for them. Everyone falls on hard times, but those times must be temporary..... a fall today will hopefully  allow you to get up stronger than you were tomorrow. We will always take care of our own and do what we can to see them healthy and whole, but each individual has a responsibility to be able to carry their own water. As individuals we should be doing all we can to strengthen our clan, our tribe, and our folk and thereby building a future for those to come after us.

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