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I hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was about as good as they come. Prairie Asatru is making great strides forward. Sunday afternoon saw 20 adults and 5 children gather together for a potluck meet up. I've been to actual events that had less people than that......4 brand new faces, 2 that returned back to us and a whole crew of long time members of our local community(the only sad note is more of our community were unable to make the trek for just a meet up, but we'll see them all at Ostara later this month). Men and women from across North Dakota gathered, mask free, and enjoyed some great conversation and made some new friends.

Our new website is running smoothly and has been very well received so far. All in all, a great weekend.

Our upcoming Ostara looks to be one of the best attended in quite some time, there was quite a bit of enthusiasm for it at our meet up. The energy within the Asatru community here in the Dakotas is very positive, very happy with the direction we are taking and especially happy to be a part of what we are building.

One bit of clarification..... Prairie Asatru has embraced the idea that for Asatru to truly grow, to really have an impact on someone's life and build a positive future, then things have to begin at the local level. Asatru is about family.......and family is where it begins. Each family of Asatruar is a beginning, a foundation, a starting point if you will. From there you have several families joining together to create the beginning of a community. As more families and friends come together this budding community blossoms into something great, something very real and very TRU. Something far bigger than any one person. Out of that community further growth can happen and eventually a larger regional tribal community can flower. Truthfully though, Asatru, at its real core, is family; is kindred and clan first, tribe second and maybe something more down the road. Prairie Asatru is building that foundation, building those familial and clannish roots......building a lasting foundation and thriving community here on the plains. The idea of focusing on the local first and foremost may seem somehow "off" compared to other ideas prevalent in modern Asatru, but such is the world we have today. Many different ideas and many different opinions about whats "right". We hear those opinions as we pass by moving boldly forward into a future we are building for

ourselves. We let our actions speak for us and let the opinions of others be little more than whispers on the wind. We wish all Asatruar across Midgard that are trying to build up their local areas and their respective local communities the very best of luck and reach out our hand in friendship.

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