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Jarl Hakon spent the better part of his life at war in one way or another. Claiming descent from mighty Odin Himself and said(by Adam of Bremen) to be descended from Jotuns, Hakon was a warrior in the truest sense of the word.

A warrior dedicated to the ancestral folkways of his people. Later in life he found himself allied with the xtian emperor, Otto II against others. When the "war" was over Otto pressured his ally to take a gaggle of skirt wearing priests back to Hakon's realm to bring xtianity to the pagans...... Hakon did what any good heathen would have done. Load them up on a boat, sail out into the bay where you are safe from attack and then put those monotheistic preachers of doom over the edge.( I wonder how easy it is to swim in priest's robes?)

Upon his return home Hakon did what he could to see the heathenry of his ancestors strengthened. Throughout his reign he kept the old ways alive and well and gave at least one more generation of our folk the comfort to live their folkways and honour their native Gods as their forefathers had done. Hakon is truly a man deserving of our respect. Raise a horn today in his honour and thumb your nose at the one-god crowd.

Hail Jarl Hakon!

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