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On March 9th we honour the memory of Olivir, an Asatru martyr. Olivir lived in Norway during the time of king Olaf Tryggvason. Like many of his countrymen he remained true to the Gods of his ancestors, even after Olaf had declared christianity the law of the land. Olvir was, in fact, one of the leading proponents of the ancestral ways at that time. He was an organizer of the celebrations of the holy days and was most likely a priest of our holy Gods.

At some point Olaf was informed that the ancestral Gods were still being honoured......upon hearing this he moved quickly against Olivir and the others who had been maintaining the old rites. Many were killed, some were driven from their homes.......Olivir was among those dead when all was said and done. And, to add insult to injury, Olaf confiscated all their lands and refused to pay any compensation for their murders.

Over and over throughout history we have seen similar stories play out. Regular people, just wanting to be left alone and yet some "authority" decides that is not to be. Even into this day and age we see such things happening....... We see those wishing to practice the spirituality of their Ancestors labeled as hate mongers and bigots and outlawed from society. It really isn't much different than the decrees of Olaf all those years ago. The only real difference is we've changed a militant christianity for a militant political correctness; rather than face murder we face the loss of jobs, friends, and family. Today though we have the lessons of the past to guide us and show us a positive way forward, a way through the minefield of modern society so that we can create a future for the next generations of Asatruar.

Hail Olivir and all those like him throughout history. Men and women who stood against tyranny to preserve something "bigger" than themselves. Let their lessons be our guide now as tyranny again rears it ugly head.

Hail Olivir!!!

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