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Day of Remembrance for Queen Sigrid

Today we honour the memory of Queen Sigrid...... Sigrid was a much sought after widow in Scandinavia during the reign of Olaf Tryggvasson. After several unsuccessful suitors Olaf sought her hand. Sigrid agreed to marry Olaf but on their wedding day Olaf told her she would have to convert to xtianity. Her reply was: "I shall not abandon the faith that I have previously held, as have my kinsmen before me. I shall also make no objection to your believing in whatever god you like."

Seemingly well balanced answer, but it earned her a slap across the face from Olaf. Needless to say the wedding was canceled and Sigrid swore to get revenge for Olaf's misdeeds.

Skip ahead a few years, Sigrid has remarried a staunch heathen and has been goading her new husband to go to war against Olaf. War ensues and ultimately Olaf is defeated and killed. Sigrid got her revenge.

She is remembered today for her steadfastness to our folkways and her refusal to yield. She should also be remembered for her strength and courage. A widow standing up against a powerful king..... that takes strength. The type of strength we should be instilling in our daughters.

Hail Queen Sigrid!

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