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Today we remember and honour Raud the Strong. Raud was a Asaman during the reign of Olaf Tryggvasson, commonly known(in modern times) as Olaf the Bastard. Raud was a wealthy and powerful man who held tru to his ancestral folkways.

Sought out and captured by Olaf's men, Raud refused to convert to the desert faith. Olaf grew very angry and had a serpent forced down Raud's throat. That was the death of Raud. So much for xtian love.

Raud teaches us to be strong in the face of adversity. To hold to our traditional ways no matter the cost. Today we see our ways being threatened by many outside forces: universalism, modernity, and just the overall fast pace of go go go that pervades our world in this time.

Just as Raud refused to yield, we need to find the wherewithal to do something similar. We must persevere to see that our folkways survive beyond us..... we must be striving to create a community of like minded folk around us that will carry on our ways after we cross over. We must be teaching our children our folkways and insuring they tread our path after us. We must be doing more than just learning for ourselves, we must spread what we learn and insure a future for our holy folkways. We must continue to thrive, it is our responsibility to see that our holy ways take root within our folk and grow into the hearty tree they once were. Let adversity strengthen our will and drive us ever onward. Let those who cannot, or will not, aid this growth fall away like dead leaves as our tree grows ever stronger. Let our love of this way be our holy guide as we move boldly forward.


Hail the Ancestors!

Hail Raud!

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