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Day of Remembrance for Raud the Strong

Today we remember a stalwart defender of the ancestral ways, a noble chieftain who chose living tru over a few shekels from a tyrannical madman.

Raud was a chieftain during the reign of Olaf Tryggvasson, yes, that xtian zealot who tortured people and stole their lands and wealth in the name of xtian love.

Raud was a devoted son of the Gods and regularly led the people in the rituals and ways of their ancestors. Raud also owned a mighty longship that was the envy of all who saw it.

Olaf outlawed the ancestral ways throughout the land..... Raud refused to give up his birthright. Eventually Olaf captured Raud and asked Raud to convert. Raud would not agree to that and so Olaf had an example made of him. A snake was forced down Raud's throat with a red-hot iron and of course Raud died.

What kind of sick bastard even thinks of something like that?

Of course Olaf also confiscated Raud's magnificent longship..... hmmm, makes you wonder , was it really about the one God or was it just a bit of greed?

Either way Raud died a martyr. A noble and tru man who is still worthy today of our respect.

How many of us today are willing to sacrifice everything for our faith? Willing stand tall when adversity comes calling?

When those hard times come and that impossible choice has to be made remember Raud and his steadfast loyalty to our Gods.

Raise up a horn today to this noble chieftain.

Hail Raud!


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