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Sigurd's tale is THE epic tale of the Northern lands.

Treachery, deceit, dragon's, dwarves, valkyries, lost love, talking birds, and plenty of fighting..... It is a tale that has inspired our folk for hundreds of years.

Sigurd, untried warrior, is betrayed by a trusted friend and nearly killed by a greedy jotun turned dragon. Later he walks through a wall of fire to meet and awaken a valkyrie. After many wars and battles he finds himself killed by someone he trusted at the goading of a selfish and petty woman....... A tragedy par excellence

Sigurd's tale is the saga of our folk in many ways. A recurrent theme played out repeatedly for thousands of years.

Betrayed by someone we should have been able to trust we are thrown into harsh situations, or worse yet, we are killed outright. Sometimes these harsh troubles inspire us to be more, other times they cause our demise.

There is much to learn in studying Sigurd's tale and even more to entertain.

May we today, like Sigurd, always walk with the Gods. Through any and all adversities may we come out stronger, wiser, and better overall. May we always hold our heads high with pride in our hearts marching boldly towards whatever the Norns have decreed.

Hail Sigurd!

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