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Glad Yule to all!

At this holy tide Prairie Asatru has taken up the necessary task of seeing that inmates in the many prisons across Vinland have access to decent quality lore. To that end we are starting a campaign to put both a Poetic Edda and Prose Edda in each prison chapel library across Vinland.

This is a good and noble venture. The majority of men and women currently serving time will one day return to life in the "free" world. Our hope is that with access to our lore they can learn of our folkways in a positive fashion and possibly begin to live a life according to the values and ways of our ancestors. A life of positivity rather than a life of crime and negative behaviors.

To get these Eddas out there we need your help. We have access to quality Poetic and Prose Eddas at a very reasonable cost, but this is a truly monumental task. We are asking for donations from you to help with what is a monumental undertaking. This is a very real chance to aid our folk directly. ALL donations received for this endeavor will be used for this purpose. To donate to this please go to our donations tab at

We are also asking for contact information for local prisons and their chaplains so we can begin this process in each state. Any help you can offer there is greatly appreciated.

Thank you again for your support in this very much needed project.

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