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Eddas for Prisoners

As of today Prairie Asatru has sent over 60 Elder Eddas into prisons across the United States. These Eddas are going into prison chapels to aid the local Asatru communities in those prisons and also to aid the prison staff in learning more about Asatru. The interactions with the various prison chaplains we have dealt with has been overwhelmingly positive and the feedback from the inmates has been 100% positive.

Our hope with this program is to both aid the men and women behind bars in having access to quality information about our way and also to foster some positive feelings with the local prison staff. So far this goal has been met and exceeded. Building a positive relationship with the prison staff at these prisons goes

a long ways in erasing some of the stigma that has grown up around Asatru within the prison walls.

We hope to continue sending Eddas in and seeing the positive response that comes from opening up positive communications with the various prison officials.

Many thanks to the men and women who have supported this endeavor with their donations and their words of support.

Hail to those who do!

Hail the Gods!

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