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Hail Olvir!


Today we remember and honour Olvir, a chieftain and Gothi/priest who lived in Trondheim during the reign of the brutal king Olaf.

After Olaf had outlawed the worship of the ancestral Gods in Norway Olvir continued leading the old rituals. Eventually Olaf heard from informants that Olvir was still leading the folk in the ancestral ways.

Olaf was, of course, less than impressed and twice called Olvir to a meeting with him. Both times Olvir assured the king that it was merely a communal feast and drinking and nothing sinister. Olaf didn't really believe him, but let him go on his way nonetheless.

Finally an informant came to Olaf again to inform him that Olvir was indeed still practicing the ancestral folkways. Olaf gathered a fleet, sailed to the Trondheim region and sacked the towns. Olvir and several others were killed outright and everyone had their homes ransacked and any valuables stolen.

So much for the christian love of Olaf and his merry band. And yet they were merely the tools by which a decadent church gained power. A villain more close to home are the treacherous informants(rats) that betrayed their folk.

A lesson to be understood and learned from. How many today smile with us and enjoy our camaraderie while turning a knife in our back? How many today would sell out their folk and their Gods for a few coins or the goodwill of those in power? Far too many I'm afraid.

Like Olvir we must keep the ancestral flame alive at all costs. But we would also do well to be watchful for those less than honourable types who would try to cause us harm. Not all of our folk are on the side of the Folk.

Hail Olvir!

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