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Happy Mother's Day to all of our beautiful Mothers. And especially a happy Mother's Day to Else Christensen, the Folkmother. May 9th was chosen a while ago as a proper time to honour her memory, we here at Prairie Asatru are carrying on that tradition.

Else emigrated to Vinland after WWII with her husband, Alec and settled in Canada. It was there that they began a study group of the Eddas and other assorted lore. Out of this study group emerged the Odinist Fellowship which was a huge part of the Odinist reawakening throughout the 70's, 80's, and beyond until her death in May of 2005.

In honour of her memory we are releasing a "Proud Odinist" hooded sweatshirt. This design evokes the memory of Else's own logo for her newsletter, "The Odinist".

These sweatshirts will only be sold for the next 9 days, with sales cutting off at midnight on May 18th.

As part of our mission to rekindle the embers of the past, we will be including a free copy of "The Odinist" issue #1 with each order of these hooded sweatshirts. Issue #1 was first published in 1971, before many of us were even born. Get your copy here.

Hail the beautiful mothers of our Folk!!!

Hail the Folk Mother!!!

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