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This past weekend the Harvest was celebrated in grand fashion.

Friday afternoon saw people coming in from across the Dakotas and even a few from Minnesota.

The weekend began with an opening ritual that consecrated both those in attendance and the holy circle itself.

(A quick side note: Just prior to the event beginning the last of 4 Goddess poles were set in place beside the 4 God poles already my knowledge not many circles have yet incorporated the Goddesses into them here in Vinland)

Just as the opening ritual was beginning it was noticed that a pair of large birds, possibly ravens or crows, were flying by(several wyrd coincidences like that permeated the weekend). Opening began our holy celebration and afterwards we had a hearty supper. Afterwards we had a short discussion about the meaning and significance of blot.

As darkness fell we gathered again in the circle for a Wotan blot.....mighty Allfather was hailed in proper fashion. Immediately afterwards what had been a very warm dead calm day became almost blustery with wind for about 30 minutes and cooled into a very nice evening.(Wyrd)

Saturday dawned with another hearty meal and alot of good camaraderie. Late morning saw a proper blot to Ingvi-Frey performed. Thanks were given for a very bountiful year and mighty Frey was honoured in good fashion. Before leaving the circle we inducted several new people into our Clan. Then we had a baby naming for the newest member of our life in a new circle. Truly a great thing to see.

Following that was a feast fit for a king. Pork roast, potatoes, Brussel sprouts(with bacon), stuffing, chili and more. Once everyone had had their fill we had a short discussion on the future of our Clan and about building a traditional hall next year.

Then it was time for axe throwing, tug o war and an afternoon filled with great conversation.

As the evening began a fundraising auction was held with much entertainment and many very unique and beautiful items up for grabs. Laughter and joy flowed through the crowd as our auctioneer kept us on our toes and kept the bids running ever higher.

Then, as darkness fell, our sumble fire was lit and we all gathered together for a traditional 3 round sumble. Emotions were on display as Gods and ancestors were hailed. By the 3rd round the time of boasting was a much needed relief. The emotional nature of sumble is always a powerful thing to take part in, but after this past year this sumble seemed even more powerful than most.

Afterwards we were entertained by several singers with both traditional and a few modern was the perfect end to an amazing day.

Sunday dawned as a very beautiful Dakota day. After a quick bite for breakfast we gathered for the Wayfarer blot that would send us all home with the blessings of powerful Thor.

The weekend, a great success, flew by far to fast. As goodbyes were said there was little sadness though because we knew we would all be seeing each other again very soon. Truth be told, plans for Winter Nights in October are already underway.

If you are ever in the Dakotas and want to join in our celebrations feel free to contact us here.

Hail The Gods!

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