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What an amazing celebration! This past weekend we officially opened our new ritual site and held a proper Midsummer celebration.

Friday afternoon we held our opening ritual and Landtaking rite. The energy within our ritual circle was palpable.....wooden Godpoles looked on as we hailed Their names and invited them to join with us in celebration. The end of our Landtaking Rite saw a massive bird of prey hover directly over our finishing point looking down on us and silently communicating his own welcome to us.

Friday evening Gothi Wiseheart and his wife blessed us with a tale about Baldur's death, finishing with a bit of powerfully charged fruit to both sustain us, but also to help us grow in a positive fashion.

Saturday morning Les and Mark held a presentation on mead making and went into great detail about it sharing a great deal of their hard one knowledge with us.

This was followed by a Midsummer blot to both Sunna and Baldur jointly performed by myself and my wife, Vronna. Again the energy raised was powerful....hailing Baldur while standing before His Godpole was quite the feeling....awe inspiring is all I can say to explain it.

Afterwards we ate a quick lunch and it was off to our very own viking games. Hammer throwing, axe throwing and tug-of-war entertained us throughout the afternoon. Our games ended with a young lady of the folk hitting a bullseye with an axe, quite the sight to see and then to see the excitement and joy on her face....if we aren't getting our youth involved in our things we will not keep them long as adults.

Following the games was a massive feast of pork roast with plenty of one left that meal hungry.

Hail the cooks!!!

Next up was an auction hosted by Les, with his presence items were quickly auctioned off with all proceeds going to repairs and upgrades for our hof.

Saturday ended with a sumble that seemed to hearken back to yesteryear. Big dark tent, smoky fire was almost transported back in time it seemed. As the third round was finishing Thor blessed us with a beautiful thunderstorm. Lightning, thunder, and much needed rain. We had invited the Gods to celebrate with us and Thor certainly took us up on our offer. Truly beautiful.

Sunday morning, our blot bowl had been left on the altar.....mighty Thor had filled it nearly full with rainwater to be used as a blessing for our Wayfarer blot. Les led us in ritual and blessed our journeys homeward to end our amazing weekend.

Thank you everyone, hope to see you all in September.

Hail the Folk!

Hail the Gods!

Hail the Ancestors!

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