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So much of our reawakening of the Germanic folkways revolves around tradition that we at Prairie Asatru have decided that there is a definite need, and want, for materials and writings from the history of our reawakening. We are bringing back the Giallerhorn Press that Else Christensen used to disseminate writings and publications relevant to the Odinist branch of our folkways. As such, we will be reprinting some of her writings and booklets along with the writings of other nearly forgotten folk. In the near future we will be making available the first issue of Else's newsletter, THE ODINIST,(possibly other issues as well) along with several of her booklets that went out of print years ago.

We hope in the future to become a fully stocked online bookstore carrying books pertinent to our way along with booklets and such from other personalities of our reawakening. While we realize we will never be able to compete with the big online booksellers we do hope to become a resource for hard to find reprints and also an outlet that better serves our incarcerated folk. We will always strive to go above and beyond the outlet stores and serve our folk in a manner that is less about the dollar and more about the Folk.

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