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Day of Remembrance for Egil Skallagrimsson

Not to many warriors from over a thousand years ago get their own book. And yet Egil not only has his own saga, it is one of the best known of all time.

Egil was descended from a line of shapeshifters and berserkers. This lineage bore itself out in Egil's life as he grew to become a renowned warrior.

Egil was an Odin's man and his life shows what it truly means to be an Odin's man. Egil's skills as a warrior were balanced by his skill as a rune master and a poet.

Throughout his life he used all 3 skills to not only survive, but to thrive and succeed where lesser men would not have.

And who can ever forget Egil's lament, Sonatorrek? The poem he wrote after the loss of his sons is still considered a masterpiece even today.

Egil, and his story, serve today as a reminder of that long ago time and what being a man truly meant.

Hail Egil Skallagrimsson!!


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