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Eyvind was a chieftain in the Trondheim region of Norway during the reign of Olaf Tryggvasson. Eyvind was a devout Heathen and follower of his native ancestral ways.

Olaf sought to bring his new found xtianity to all of Norway and was willing to do whatever it took to bring the religion of tolerance and love to the Northlands.

Eyvind was captured/kidnapped by several of Olaf's men and brought before the king. Olaf kindly asked Eyvind to accept the one God faith, Eyvind politely refused. Next Olaf offered Eyvind land and money, Eyvind again refused. Finally, in a fit of rage, Olaf order a bowl of hot coals sat on Eyvind's stomach...... Eyvind died a most horrible death, but never accepted the desert faith.

Eyvind remains a celebrated martyr all these many years later. People around the world still lift horns in his honor and hail his name. A noble man who refused to yield!

How many today would be able to fill his shoes? How many today, in this materialistic, wage slave world, wouldn't sell their faith for a few dollars? How many would be willing to give their lives for their Gods?

Thankfully nobody is trying to torture us with hot coals these days......

Remember Eyvind today. Remember him and his steadfast refusal to abandon the ways of his ancestors and lift a horn to his memory.

Hail Eyvind!

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