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Day of Remembrance for Else Christensen

Hail Else Christensen!

Else Christensen, with her husband and a few friends, founded the Odinist Fellowship in 1969. From then on Else never faltered in promoting our ancestral ways to anyone who would listen.

Else is the foundation stone of our modern reawakening. Her teachings, put forward in the newsletter, 'The Odinist', helped shape and guide Odinism and Asatru through the 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond.

Else is known as the Folkmother for her ceaseless devotion to Odinism and her kind words and guidance for many of the folk who would go on to assume leadership roles within Odinism/Asatru.

Else passed away on 5 May 2005, we have set aside May 9th as a day of remembrance for her. A day to remember, and honour a woman who led her folk back to their birthright!

A hearty hail to you Else, my dear friend and mentor. I miss your wisdom and humor.

Hail Else Christensen!

Hail the Folkmother!

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