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Yet another martyr from the reign of Olaf Tryggvason. Eyvind was a cheiftain in his own right and led the people of his community in the ancestral rituals. For his steadfast commitment to his heritage Olaf had him captured and brought before him and one of his priests.

First they yelled and threatened him trying to get him to convert to the desert faith. He refused. Next they tried bribery and offered him lands and riches, again, he refused. Finally, in a rage, Olaf had Eyvind tied to a table and put a metal bowl filled with hot coals upon his stomach, leaving it there until Eyvind's stomach burst and he died. And you wonder why Odinists today call him Olaf the Bastard......

Eyvind's tale could teach us much today really. How many cave in to threats and fear and do as they are told? How many have been bought off and swallowed their pride for money and material gain?

And then how many out there are willing to still stand tall after all the threats and bribes?

Eyvind may have died there that day, but over a 1,000 years later people are still remembering his name and lifting horns in his honour.... for our Ancestors as long as a man's name was remembered he was never truly dead. May our actions be so bold that we are still remembered 1,000 years from now.

Hail Eyvind Kinnrifi!!!

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Eyvind was a chieftain in the Trondheim region of Norway during the reign of Olaf Tryggvasson. Eyvind was a devout Heathen and follower of his native ancestral ways. Olaf sought to bring his new found


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