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Day of Remembrance for Jarl Haakon

Jarl Haakon was a stout defender of our folk. A bold example for all the generations who came after him.

After many battles Hakon found himself a Jarl over much of Norway. Haakon was a vigorous promoter of our ancestral ways. He had temples raised across his realm.

At one point Haakon ended up being a virtual prisoner of the German emperor Otto. Otto had Haakon forcibly baptized(WTH!?) and ordered him to take priests home with him....... so priests were loaded on to Hakon's boats and Haakon sailed out to the center of the bay. Once there, safely out of Otto's reach, he forced the priests overboard and into the sea. (Sink or swim ya bums) And once his "cargo" was gone Haakon sailed home and let our ancestral ways flourish for a few more years.

Raise a toast to Haakon. Raise a toast to a true folk hero.

Hail Jarl Haakon!

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