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Day of Remembrance For Queen Sigrid of Sweden

Queen Sigrid of Sweden

Queen Sigrid was widowed at a youngish age. Being a woman of both beauty and high social standing her hand in marriage was sought by many men. Realizing her worth she turned down every suitor. For her steadfast refusal to marry some lesser man she earned the reputation of being "haughty".

Eventually Olaf Tryggvasson asked her to marry him, finally she felt she'd found an equal and agreed to marry him. During the planning stages of the marriage religion came up. Olaf told Sigrid she would need to become a christian in order for them to be married. She refused such a proposition and chose to keep her ancestral faith. Olaf, in a fit of christian love, struck her in the face with his glove.....

The wedding was off and Sigrid spent the rest of her days seeking revenge against Olaf for his insult to her. Finally, years later, Sigrid was able to instigate Olaf's death at the battle of Svolder.

Sigrid was a proud woman who knew her worth and refused to sully herself with a lesser man. Her tale can be a great example for our women today.

Give a hearty hail to this proud, noble woman who held tru to her ancestors and her Gods.

Hail Sigrid!

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